Haruhi Fukushi Service Management philosophy

We provide whatever cares our residents and their families need, after their needs are fully examined.
We cooperate together to support and provide meaningful life for our residents.
We pursue the goal in which our staffs can realize their dream and fortune.

Action Agenda

We pursue making fully trusted and highly evaluated professional care workers, appreciated as “That’s like Haruhi!”
We swear to make great efforts, being proud that we are entrusted with every single life of our residents.
We contribute to the development of Japanese society through taking over Japanese tradition from our residents.
We contribute to the bright future of the elderly welfare of the world, laying stress on dignity and modesty in word and deed.

Haruhi-en care philosophy

We are committed to providing our residents with cozy, homely, and welcoming environment in which each of them is treated with dignity and respect. We promote independence and help our residents build the confidence they need to live a fulfilling life by having them do as much for themselves as they can, assessing and providing the appropriate degree of care for each individual.

Haruhi-en basic policy

  1. We respect the life and dignity of our residents.
  2. We respect and protect the privacy of our residents, individual right, assets, and personal information.
  3. We respect our residents’ independency and decision-making on daily basis.
  4. We provide safe and clean environment as well as the atmosphere in which our residents feel relaxed and confident.
  5. We appreciate our residents to do as much as they could, providing appropriate care and medication continuously.
  6. We help our residents meet and communicate with their families and important people for them, and lead a social life as a member of the community.
  7. We never do physical and mental abuse and restriction.
  8. We never discriminate anyone in any reason.
  9. We try hard to study in dementia care to enhance our specialties.
  10. We devote ourselves to succeeding the expertise, recognizing social responsibility of the expertise, with its sound and appropriate management.