1. Aquisition of personal information

    Private information shall not be obtained in an illicit manner.


  3. Private information use purposes

    We use private information at a necessary minimum level, which they submit to us when people apply for our services, in order to contact with them and provide services.
    When the information is shared with third parties, or is entrusted to third parties, the third parties concerned shall be thoroughly inquired and be supervised to handle the information properly.


  5. Third-party supply

    Private information shall not be used without the consent of the person concerned in advance except admitted by laws.


  7. Management system of private information

    A thorough system of control shall be adopted to maintaining the accuracy of the information and to prevent the divulgence of private information.
    We shall manage and store private information under a strict control system, making every possible effort to strengthen the level of security to ensure that the information of the parties in question is not lost, destroyed, falsified or divulged to third parties.
    Private information in the possession of Haruhi shall be used only by Haruhi. Private information shall not be carried outside and supplied to third parties.


  9. Procedures for private information disclosure, etc.

    With regard to private information in the possession of Haruhi, parties wishing to be notified of the use purpose, or that wish to disclose, correct, make additions to, delete, terminate the use of or erase the contents of the information, halt the supply of data or take other actions are requested to direct such requests to the Haruhi group manager with which they do business, or to the manager of the private information protection inquiries desk (see below).
    We shall establish private information protection inquiries desk managers, who will respond to consultations, questions and other matters pertaining to private information in the possession of us.
    Group home Haruhi-en

    2321-2 Niho-nakago, Yamaguchi-shi,
    Yamaguchi Pref. 753-0302, JAPAN

    TEL: 083-929-5100

    E-mail: office@haruhi-fs.com

    Or please use the form below.


  11. Organization and system

    Haruhi has established a management framework to protect private information assigning a person in charge of private information protection and ensures that all officers and employees take training to learn thoroughly how to handle and manage private information properly on daily basis.


  13. Establishment, operation maintenance, improvement of private information protection compliance program

    Haruhi has established private information protection manual to protect personal data and ensures that all officers employees and the persons concerned recognize the importance of the manual to maintain and improve it as well as to comply with it.

Encacted in July 1, 2009
Haruhi Fukushi Service, Inc.
CEO Fusae Okaya