The history of Haruhi Fukushi Service, inc. began with its own home-visit care service started in March, 1999. It shifted into certified home-visit care service when The long-term care insurance system was introduced by Japanese government the next year 2000.
 The company name ‘Haruhi’ means spring sunlight which implies our wish to deliver warm and hearty care to anybody who needs our service.
We have been encouraging our residents to ‘find a joy in everyday life and to regain their confidence’.
 Although we have ceased our home-visit care service in 2012, we have been managing two group homes in order to focus on group home care for the people with dementia.
“Remember home-visit care service” is our slogan, because it is the origin of all the elderly care services as well as our starting point. We spare no effort to support the residents to live with dignity and respect in Haruhi-en as they used to do at their home from the person-centered point of view.

  • Being like at home


    In warm and homely environment, the residents spend time together harmoniously every day. We believe home should be the place where everyone can be him/herself among people living together so that it is very important to encourage them to communicate and help each other through a variety of daily activities.

  • Safe and Secure


    We have a system closely tied up with cooperative medical institutions for early detection and treatment. We also have been providing end-of life care for the residents who want to live at Haruhi-en to the end.

  • Haruhi-dayori (Haruhi’s monthly newsletter)


    Haruhi-dayori, issued every month, gives you information with a lot of photos such as their everyday activities, things we learned from them, old stories, and information about dementia.

  • Care fees


    It is our motto to provide all of you high-quality care services by fair price.
    Fees are composed of individual payment of care fees based on Long-term Care Insurance and the fees for room and board, and etc. Individual care cost depends on each one’s care level.

  • Application and Visit


    To apply for a visit or to ask questions, please use the form below, or telephone or fax.
    You can also fax or mail the application form to us, which you can download below.
    For more details about the qualifications, and etc, feel free to contact us.

  • Facebook


    We deliver the newest information on everyday basis through facebook as well as blog.
    Such SNS enables you to make easy access to us, share information with us, and make questions and answers on the web.
    Please feel free to post your questions and comments.


being like at home

Based on Haruhi-en care philosophy, we lay emphasis on rehabilitation in everyday life such as cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc. which enable them to regain confidence and dignity as well as to slower the progress physical degeneration and the progress of symptoms of dementia.

We also keep in mind that we reconsider and learn old traditional Japanese lifestyle from the residents, and provide the environment familiar to them.
 We will spare no effort to provide each resident his/her final aboard to be with each heart.

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