Even though the residents have dementia, they could lead ordinary life they used to at home -. As an extension of home, it is very important that they could continue their own lifestyle in group home.
In group home, 1 unit consists of 9 residents. Such small-scale enables the residents to spend time relaxedly in a home-like atmosphere.
At haruhi-en, the residents feel nice breeze from the outside, hear birds singing, see the gardens, smell cooking, and harvest vegetables at the kitchen garden; Surrounded by nature, they can thoroughly enjoy the changing seasons here.
They can spend their time in watching TV, listening to the music, reading books, knitting, and everything they like.
To share time with the other residents through conversation or daily activities enrich their life.
“We have never seen such a group home like this!” said the agent of an independent assessment agency.
According to the agent, the residents in Haruhi-en talk to each other much more than those in the other group homes aroud there.
We believe that it is the most important thing for the residents to communicate with each other to spend time more comfortably.
We will make further efforts to become ideal home which our residents really want to live in.